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4 Electrical Upgrades for Your Home Office

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Start the Workday Off Bright

After the events of the past couple of years, we feel it is safe to say that the way we work has been forever changed. Many companies have made the decision to switch to permanent or part-time work-from-home schedules, giving you the chance to work in your pajamas!

With comfy clothes and no commute, your home office is seeing more use than ever before. It’s time to get your home office to meet your needs to help increase productivity, morale, and to make your video call background look studio-quality.

Read on for our four electrical upgrades for the home office that will make it shine.

Additional Lighting

Increasing the amount of light in your home office is a great way to upgrade. Low light can cause eyestrain and encourage low productivity. Plus, if the lights are dim enough, you may even doze off during a meeting!

Installing overhead ceiling lights will help bathe the whole room in a soft, warm glow, while task lighting will help create the exact environment you need. Task lighting could include a desk lamp, or lighting near a sitting area to give you that extra little boost you need to get things done.

If you’re adding new lighting, we recommend going with LED bulbs for a long lasting glow that doesn’t emit heat.

Pro-Tip: Blue-light glasses are a great way to reduce eye strain caused by the light from your computer!

Surge Protection

If you and your spouse are now working from home, and the kids are schooling from home, your house is seeing a lot more electrical activity all day long. With this extra usage, including some high-stakes work technology, having extra protection is essential.

Surge protection will protect your work from home equipment, as well as all the other appliances and electronics in your home, should there be an electrical surge, an issue with the power grid, or even from a bad storm.


You may have noticed that with everyone home, you don’t seem to have enough places to plug in your essential electronics. Avoid having to use an extension cord or power strip which can be a safety hazard and cause surges and instead, install more outlets in your home.

This will safely provide enough power for all of your equipment. While your electrician is installing new outlets, they can also repair or even upgrade your current ones. As outlets age, their wiring wears out, stops working, and can even pose a threat to your system.

Bonus: If you’re installing new outlets, you can choose to go with USB-compatible outlets for even more options!

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Your electrical panel may not be in the home office, but it definitely has an affect on your work from home flow. All the extra power your home is requiring means your current electrical panel may not be equipped to handle it.

Signs you may need an electric panel upgrade include:

  • Turning appliances on and off causes lights to flicker
  • Overheating
  • Frequent circuit breaker trips
  • Your outlets have two prongs rather than three
  • You have an increase in equipment that requires a lot of power

In the end, an electrical panel upgrade will help power your home office, but it will also help keep your home safe with the juice it needs to light up and power the whole home.

Electrical Upgrades from Capital City Electrical Services, LLC

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